A short list of changes I've made recently

Street View Go Try Added an extra view for Street View. Not many in there as yet, but I'll try and add them from now on in. Obviously depends on if Google have 'been down your street'. Also - seems to disappear if you go back into the screen straight away!
Google Gadget Go Try What fun - go have a play and see how popular you've been over the years - in a dynamic graph from Google!
Photos Go Try Finally got round to working out how to easily put photos up. Not many yet - but now I know I can I'll try and take a few more
shm@home Go Try I've started a little blog of the food me and Lou cook at home. I've created a simple page that shows the blog. You can also access it directly here or through the link left.

NB - if you know how to use RSS - then subscribe to the feed here
shm@home - the timeline Go Try Quite at cool way of showing the blog entries for shm@home. Uses a widget from dipity that looks up my blog and shows it as a timeline.
Also try the 'flip' page - which is cool
To visit? Go Try I'm always on the look out for restaurants to visit. I used to dump them into a Google Notebook when I was surfing - but that service is not being continued and more annoyingly there is no browser support for it.
However, IE8 has accelerators - as well as Google Toolbar now allow you to highlight some web text and create a blog post directly. Pretty cool (apart from no pictures). Now - when I'm surfing I'll be dumping these into this blog.
I may get around to being able to enter these directly into the SHM database - to do proper location based lookups when I'm stuck somewhere!
Comments Go Try I've subscribed to a service where you can add a comment. I'm going to try and do this for each restaurant - but for now it's at a site level. Please leave me one.
(I'll also create a section for 'ideas' - if you can be bothered to leave me one)
A drill down on the world map Go try Now you can drill down (or search) on a world map and in principle the widget works out which restaurants are in view and filters the list accordingly.
This does however highlight the fact that a lot of the geo-coordinates are wrong (mostly because they were based on a mass upload and I haven't been through to check/amend them).
Recent meals Go Try Added a quick link from the home page to show the last 100 meals.