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20176/23/2017Thai The Giggling Squid A few pints of 69…..and a Thai…..Friday sorted HenleyEngland
20176/20/2017Indian Kinara A nice(!) walk round the plastic bags of Dublin waterfront DublinIreland
20176/19/2017Korean Kimchi Korean in a pub…..I suppose the Thai's do it DublinIreland
20176/16/2017Indian The Spice Mechant Back to bland….. HenleyEngland
20176/14/2017Malaysian Kopitiam Not a patch on Chilli Padi DublinIreland
20176/11/2017German Forsthaus Dechsendorf Three days drinking 7% steins sets you right up for a Pork Knuckle ErlangenGermany
20176/10/2017German Bratwursthäusle Werner Behringe Mini sausages - how cute NurenbergGermany
20176/7/2017Indian Diwaili When you go to an Indian with member of the Holy Cast, you definitely ask him to order DublinIreland
20176/4/2017Spanish Bodega Bar El Pimpi Trust the radar…do the research MalagaSpain
20176/3/2017Spanish La Cosmopolita Malagueña Sort of cool - but how'd it end up at E90!! MalagaSpain
20176/2/2017Spanish El Rodejo Beach Wow - what a turn around. Beach chic Puerto CabopinoSpain
20176/1/2017Tapas Javieres Tapas Bar A safe option - love it Puerto CabopinoSpain
20175/30/2017Spanish La Mandragora Quirky - but very good. Black pork to die for Puerto CabopinoSpain
20175/28/2017Spanish Hostal Sango Will Mark and Bart get bored of this place? AlozainaSpain
20175/27/2017Indian Taj Palace The FA Cup in the Sunshine…perfect Puerto CabopinoSpain
20175/26/2017Spanish Chiringuito Las Dunas The obligatory first day lunch and siesta Puerto CabopinoSpain
20175/25/2017International Alberts Hmm….food OK….atmos not all that Puerto CabopinoSpain
20175/24/2017Chinese Hilan Chinese Now that is a Red Rib! DublinIreland
20175/22/2017Indian Chaakoo Bombay Café Slightly Random - Rock Music in a Cuzza GlasgowScotland
20175/20/2017BBQ Duke's Brew & Que I need to live in N1 3NN LondonEngland
20175/16/2017Pub The Cricketers Mushy Peas - nah - Baked Beans LondonEngland
20175/13/2017Indian Kobeda Palace Reading three times in a weekend ! ReadingEngland
20175/12/2017Spanish I Love Paella HDC 03 - Gastro pub in Council estate ! ReadingEngland
20175/10/2017Burger Wow Burger Good stomach liner before Miami in Dublin DublinIreland
20175/9/2017Moroccan El Bahia Eat more Tagine….. DublinIreland
20175/8/2017Asian Saba Jungle Mania! DublinIreland
20175/5/2017Indian Café Le Raj The training continues - Korma sauce on chips ! HenleyEngland
20175/3/2017French La Maison So..not the sister restaurant of the cheap bistro then ! DublinIreland
20175/2/2017Chinese Hilan Chinese Great little find in Dublin Red Light district ! DublinIreland
20174/26/2017Burger On The Pig's Back Are there onions in the onion burger? DublinIreland
20174/25/2017Indian Konkan From Italy to interesting food….in one swift move DublinIreland
20174/23/2017Italian Fratte di Trastevere A perfect finish to a perfect weekend RomeItaly
20174/22/2017Italian Da Gino al Parlamento Mark Weins…I travel for Food ! RomeItaly
20174/22/2017Italian Ristorante Naumachia Outside street eating after the Last Supper RomeItaly
20174/21/2017Italian Da Gildo Recommended by the owner of the AirB'n'B RomeItaly
20174/21/2017Italian Ristorante Naumachia Nice find in the shadow of the Colleseum RomeItaly
20174/20/2017Italian Trattoria Sora Lella Anthony Boudain - FAIL…..shame..as food wasn't too bad RomeItaly
20174/20/2017Pizza Forno Campo de' Fiori Perfect Pizza standup lunch afterr 34 mintes in Rome RomeItaly
20174/18/2017Thai Koh Noodles. Must eat more. DublinIreland
20174/14/2017Indian Café Le Raj A six pint bike pub crawl….then a curry. Perfect HenleyEngland
20174/11/2017BBQ Pitt Bros How can you overcook a 6 hour Brisket DublinIreland
20174/10/2017Mexican 777 A starter size for a main - and a baseline that made the phone jump off the table. Not going again for a while… DublinIreland
20174/8/2017British Pieminister Jon Cassidy's fav restaurant (probably) BristolEngland
20174/8/2017Burger Three Brothers Burgers Bristol - who'd have thought BristolEngland
20174/5/2017British Blackfriars Wot - no taste…..not good at that price NewcastleEngland
20174/4/2017Malaysian Chilli Padi What can I say - I managed to get an Apron. Total result NewcastleEngland
20174/3/2017French Chez Max The other guys steak the other day was much better….boo hoo DublinIreland
20174/1/2017Pub The Greyhound Bloody good - shame is was AWT (chuckle) HenleyEngland
20173/31/2017American TGI Friday Can’t beat some TGI ribs High WycombeEngland
20173/28/2017Irish The Pigs Ear That will teach ya…..stop cocking around DublinIreland
20173/27/2017Indian Diwaili How does a curry end up being so damn expensive DublinIreland
20173/22/2017Burger Wow Burger A burger joint in the basement of a pub….that'll do DublinIreland
20173/21/2017Korean Arisu I should like Korean more DublinIreland
20173/15/2017Pub The Brazen Head Dublins Oldest Pub…. DublinIreland
20173/14/2017Steak WhiteFriar Grill Dulbin - oh Dublin - why so expensive DublinIreland
20173/13/2017Chinese Duck Chinese takeaway in a hotel room ! DublinIreland
20173/8/2017Irish The Winding Stair DublinIreland
20173/8/2017Irish The Winding Stair Spot on DublinIreland
20173/7/2017Indian The Jewel in the Crown Took a chance with no one in the restaurant…it worked out this time DublinIreland
20173/6/2017Asian Neon A ravee outside the hotel window didn’t make for a great nights sleep DublinIreland
20173/1/2017Irish Rustic Meat on a stone - really…. DublinIreland
20172/28/2017Burger On The Pig's Back Why can't I do burgers like that at home?? DublinIreland
20172/27/2017Modern Fade Street Social Pretty damn busy for a Monday DublinIreland
20172/24/2017Pub The Flowing Spring Excellent family Friday - but I MUST stop eating HenleyEngland
20172/23/2017Indian Haweli Bland…..and wamr beer. Not again TwfordEngland
20172/20/2017Irish Nancy Hands Who ate all the pies….oh it was the Sutton Goalie DublinIreland
20172/18/2017French Le Regent Bets meal of the holiday - and it wasn't even in the holdai resort Bourgoin-JallieuFrance
20172/17/2017French Le petite Chalet Great little find on the last night when everythign else was full Chantermale France
20172/16/2017French Le Triptyque Trying hard not to be French. That's a good thing Chantermale France
20172/13/2017French Le Kitz Eat your weigh in Cheese - two days in a row ! Chantermale France
20172/12/2017French Le 34 OK - so it's a Fondue by another name Chantermale France
20172/11/2017Pizza Ca Bassa First day of skiing (and snowball fights) Chantermale France
20172/8/2017Vietnamese Pho Viet 20 years ago I had better DublinIreland
20172/7/2017Pub The Workshop Dublin is not Newcastle! DublinIreland
20172/6/2017Sichuan Sichuan Chili King Went off menu. Uncooked Aubergine. Hmm. DublinIreland
20172/4/2017French Cote - South Bank Great trip around the Belfast LondonEngland
20172/1/2017Mexican 777 Beef served in smoked filled cloche. Sort of cool DublinIreland
20172/1/2017Indian Diwaili is that like calling a restaurant Christams? DublinIreland
20171/30/2017Irish The Black Sheep Half way between Gastro and Student DublinIreland
20171/28/2017Pub The Plowden Arms SHM - Shame it's closing….why when it was packed ? HenleyEngland
20171/25/2017Korean Kimchi I really should like Korean more than I do DublinIreland
20171/24/2017Steak Beef and Lobster Not bad for a place with no one in it DublinIreland
20171/20/2017Mexican Pachanga Thomas Thomas Thomas !!! It's only pork HenleyEngland
20171/19/2017BBQ Pitt Bros Nothing like getting BBQ sauce all over your laptop DublinIreland
20171/17/2017French Chez Max More French than most French DublinIreland
20171/16/2017Indian XX Indian Starter superb…but fell away spectacularly DublinIreland
20171/11/2017Italian Terra Madre Started Very well….but as with all Italian it gets a bit boring DublinIreland
20171/10/2017Indian Konkan Finally - a decent Indian in Dublin DublinIreland
20171/9/2017Sichuan M&L Sichuan The sichuan menu was only in Chinese ! DublinIreland
20171/5/2017Asian Saba Christ - Dublin is crazy expensive DublinIreland
20171/4/2017Irish The Woollen Mills Now that's how you do a lump of meat DublinIreland
20171/3/2017Steak FeatherBlade Don’t marinade steak in Soy ! DublinIreland
201612/29/2016British Smokehouse (Chiswick) Rubbish. Tried to serve a smoked lamb shoulder in Fillet Steak portion side LondonEngland
201612/29/2016Chinese Little Hong Kong Blast from the past (no frozen sandwiches) LondonEngland
201612/23/2016Italian Da Luca Chips on a pizza - perfect HenleyEngland
201612/15/2016Lebanese The Cedar Tree Busy Xmas night in Dublin + no Internet = Cheap Lebanese mediocracy DublinIreland
201612/13/2016Indian Kathmandu Kitchen Ok - so Dublin Trip Advisor is not the way forward DublinIreland
201612/10/2016Pub The Priory Inn All food from within 30 miles, and it was superb TetburyEngland
201612/7/2016Pub The Jolly Fisherman on the Quay Hmm…not the best choice for what might have been my last NCL meal NewcastleEngland
201612/6/2016Thai Mantra If that was £30 a heads worth of food then I'm a chinaman NewcastleEngland